Thursday, 30 January 2014

This is a video taken by a man named Stan Romanek

Stan Romanek set up a video camera in his living room facing the window, just as a friend advised him to after he kept hearing knocks that he assumed were by pranksters. What he caught on video was an alien looking being. Watch and judge for youtself.

When I heard of this video I was very intrigued. I did some research on the man and found he had written a book, which I then read. The book is titled "Messages". In it he tells his story so far and even includes photographs as evidence for some of his claims. This may be the most compelling case of its kind since the Whitley Strieber story.

The video has yet to be proven a hoax. Trust me, once you read his book you will realize that there is something to all this. I believe this video is incredibly important and needs to be seen by more people. There is even a documentary on Mr. Romanek that has finished production and is just waiting to be released.

This is only the beginning.

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